Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Night World Vol. 3 by L.J Smith

Night World, No. 3 (Night World, #7-9)

 Series: Night World
Author: L.J Smith
Page Count: 732
Published: April 7th, 2009
Publisher: Simon Pulse
  4 Stars ★★★★

In the third bind-up volume of the Night World series, the Wild Powers are rising. The millennium is almost here, and with it will come a new age of unity, or of darkness. Paranormal creatures such as vampires, shapeshifters, and witches will either work together to stop the darkness, or fight to win the battle at the end of the world. But who will win?

I loved this! First off all, the books contained in this volume are all fairly short, easy reads, so if you're looking for a lighter paranormal read, this series is great. I also love the inclusion of numerous paranormal creatures, from were-panthers to half vampires.

I also really loved some of the deeper messages I felt could be interpreted within these stories. In the first story, Huntress, the main character is a vampire who hunts down humans and sees them as less worthy than the Night People. But she finds out that she herself is only half vampire, and half human.... She has to question her prejudice. This really mirrors real-life, with people holding prejudiced views and then finding themselves challenged by their own origins, or the identities of those they love. Maybe I'm looking too far into this but....I really liked this deeper connection.

I loved that each story features different main characters. This sets it apart from other young adult paranormal series, and kept me interested. However, there were times when a character was supposed to be, or become, likeable throughout the book, but I just couldn't bring myself to like them. That was really the only issue I had with this series.

I hope the author finishes up the tenth and final book in the series soon! I need to know what happens next.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

The Longest Book Tag

I was tagged by The Butterfly Reader

Sorry it took me so long to actually complete this tag....I don't think I've completed this before so I'll give it a shot. If I have, memory is terrible. 


The rules:

1) Make a list of the 5 longest books you've ever read

2) Select 2 of the longest books on your tbr

3) Discuss 

 4) Tag others 

1) 5 Longest books I've ever read

Note: I'm not counting nonfiction, reference books, or bindups. 
Breaking Dawn (Twilight, #4)
Breaking Dawn: 756 pages

Eclipse (Twilight, #3)

Eclipse, 629 pages

Kingdom of the Wicked (Skulduggery Pleasant, #7)

Kingdom of the Wicked, 607 pages

The Dying of the Light (Skulduggery Pleasant, #9)

The Dying of the Light, 605 pages

Mortal Coil (Skulduggery Pleasant, #5)

Mortal Coil, 604 pages

2) 2 of the longest books on my tbr

 Outlander (Outlander, #1)

Outlander, 850 pages


Fallocaust (Fallocaust, #1)

Fallocaust, 829 pages

3) Discuss

Well, there are some very long books out there, that's for sure. They actually kind of scare me....I prefer books that are 350-500 pages, usually. That doesn't mean that I won't read a book because its longer than that....I'm just a bit wary. Especially if it's a physical book, because my hands hurt after holding it for a while. Although I also find that when I read a book on my tablet or eReader, that it seems longer? So reading a super long book could take ages.

Some of my favourite books have been super long, though. Many of the Skulduggery Pleasant books are over 500 pages. When I love the characters and the world-building, the longer the book, the better! 

I have a bit of a personal issue when it comes to big books, though. So I'm a writer and I want to write a novel. But I keep getting into depressive episodes or school gets really busy, or I think of a better idea to write about. And I can't finish writing a novel, and then I see these authors writing 500 page novels and I feel kinda like a failure. Yeah I know, woe is me. But it does impact me as both a reader and a writer. 


So, anyone who wants to do this is tagged! But specifically I tag Kristen at Metaphors and Moonlight and Lauren at Always Me. 

Also I'd like to apologize for not posting as is really stressful already! Don't worry, I'm not on hiatus or giving up blogging, and I swear I love everyone's blogs and I will keep on blogging, but don't expect me to be too consistent with my post schedule in the upcoming months. 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

His To Possess by Opal Carew

His to Possess (His to Possess, #1-6)

 Series: His to Possess
Author: Opal Carew
Page Count: 256
Published: March 18th, 2014
Publisher: St Martin's Griffin
  3 Stars ★★★

Jessica is out job searching when she runs into a man who looks a lot like her ex-boyfriend. After a slightly embarrassing encounter, they happen to stumble into each other's path yet again when the man, Dane, offers to drive Jessica to her destination in his limo. They find themselves attracted to each other and end up sharing Jessica's hotel room for the night.

Jessica scores a job and is shocked to find that Dane is her boss. As they work to balance their physical relationship with their boss/employee relationship, things only become more complicated. When Jessica's ex-boyfriend unexpectedly shows up, she might end up losing both of them.

So this is essentially a six-part series that was combined into one book. The book is divided up into these six parts, almost like chapters, with cliff-hanger endings and all.

There were some things that I really liked, and some that I didn't.

I liked Dane, and I liked Storm (the ex-boyfriend). They were both interesting characters with fleshed out backgrounds, very distinct, unique personalities and truly seemed reminiscent of a real person you could find walking down the street right now. Ideally, most characters should be this way, but unfortunately this wasn't the case. I'll come back to this issue later.

I also liked the pacing of the plot. Little twists and turns were placed at perfect intervals, with the cliff-hangers keeping me reading until my eyes hurt.

The sexy scenes were generally quite, well, sexy, as expected. It was obvious that the characters had some sort of chemistry in both their physical and romantic relationships with each other.

Now to the things I didn't like.

Jessica. Yep, I didn't like Jessica. Why? She seemed boring. I didn't get to know her as a person. She seemed like a blank slate almost. She didn't seem to have any quirks, beliefs, etc that distinguished her from any other random person. She was bland.

I really think the author needs to work on her usage of adjectives and adverbs. She used some words and descriptors waaaaaayyyyy too much. I swear I read the word "masculine" in this book more times than I've read it in six full-length novels combined. She also kept referring to these men being like "super male" or something.... like not in those exact words, but everything was like "his musky maleness" or whatever. It's like, we get it, they are men, they happen to also be quite masculine men. Move on already! It got to the point where I was rolling my eyes a lot.

Anyways, it wasn't the best book ever, but not the worst by any means. Will I read the sequel? Probably not. Do I regret reading this? Nope.

If you're a fan of erotic fiction, you might want to try this. However, if the issues that I had with the book would bug you, I don't recommend it at all.

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)

 Series: The Raven Cycle
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Page Count: 416
Published: September 18th, 2012
Publisher: Scholastic Press
  3.5 Stars ★★★

Blue's mother is psychic, and she lives in a house with a few other psychics, too. While Blue can't speak to the dead or see the future, she enhances the powers of those around her, so she's brought along so that those who will be dead within the next year can be identified. Among the dead is a boy from Aglionby, a nearby private school, and Blue can see him.

Blue has always been warned that she will cause the death of her true love, and after seeing the spirit of this boy, she wonders if she will be the one to kill him. When they finally come face to face, they form a friendship, along with three other boys from Aglionby. Together they investigate mysterious ley lines, with the hope that they may be led to Glendower, a sleeping king.

There seems to be a lot of hype around this book, but I didn't really enjoy the book as much as other readers have. It wasn't a horrible book by any means, but I was fairly disappointed in some of the elements.

One thing that I did like were the characters. Actually, I loved the characters. Blue was an eccentric and likeable main character, and Gansey's determination to find Glendower was admirable. Rowan, another of the raven boys, was truly frustrating, but I loved him. Adam, a scholarship student, lived in a tough situation and very much served as a juxtaposition or foil to the rich, fairly comfortable life of Gansey. As for Noah, the last raven boy, he was quiet, sweet, and mysterious in his own way. These characters worked so well together to bring this story to life, and they were written with a depth that made me pleasantly surprised. Despite my issues with other pieces of this book, I may continue reading the series just so I can read more about these characters!

The plot was a bit too slow, in my opinion. I would find myself bored for entire chapters, only reading to find out when the next interesting issue would appear. It feels like I only read half a book, really. While the conclusion was a great cliff-hanger type situation, the lack of truly exciting plot points in this book was disappointing. 

Not to mention my confusion about what went on at the end. I mean, there are cliffhangers, but then there are seemingly random occurrences, and this book combined these. The cliffhanger made me want to read the next book, but only because I need answers. What happened at the end? How is it all connected? While this would usually be seen as a good thing, I was more frustrated than excited to get my hands on the second book. Maybe I missed something, but some of the events in the last third of the book just seemed out of place.

Overall, I didn't like this book as much as I had hoped to. The ending was a cliffhanger, but it was also really confusing. However, the amazing cast of characters has me considering buying the second book in the series, because I need to know how their story continues. 

I recommend this book to fans of young adult paranormal books. If you like slower paced novels with likeable and unique characters, this book is for you.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Sublime by Christina Lauren


Series: N/A
Author: Christina Lauren
Page Count: 336
Published: October 14th, 2014
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
  3.5 Stars ★★★

Lucy wakes up near a school. She doesn't know why she is there, and she doesn't know why people are acting like she isn't even present. But she does know that she is drawn to Colin, for some unknown reason. Colin finds himself drawn to her as well, and he knows that there's something different about her. As they get to know each other, they fall for each other, and the fact that one of them is dead starts to complicate things. Colin wants to be close to Lucy, to touch her like she's any other girl, and once they find a dangerous way to accomplish this, they can't seem to stop.

I will admit, the reason I first looked into getting this book was the cover. Look at it! It's beautiful. After reading some reviews, both positive and negative, I realized that I had to get this book. While I wasn't really disappointed, I wasn't extremely impressed with this book either.

I have two issues with this book. First, is the writing style. I believe that it's written in third person present tense, and this combination just threw me off. I found it hard to get into reading the book, I really think that third person past tense would have been a much better choice. Because this issue obviously extended for the whole book, that knocked a few stars off of my rating.

Another issue I had with the book was the pacing. It was a bit too slow for my taste, and a good chunk of the more exciting parts happened in the last half of the book, so the first half felt extra drawn-out. As I mentioned, the plot speeds up at the halfway mark, which I really appreciated! I have to say, the pieces of the plot after that point were enjoyable and thrilling to read about.

I loved pretty much everything else about this book. The concept itself is one that I enjoyed. The idea of a romance between a ghost and a living person, two people drawn together for some unknown reason, and the obstacles that they face all tied this story together very well. The romance had a bit of an insta-love feel to it, but I don't mind this if it's done well, and in the case of this book, it was definitely done well.

I also really liked both main characters. Both had tragic pasts, Colin losing his parents at a young age, and Lucy dying so young, and I think that their personal tragedies complemented the others' in a way that made their attraction to each other, and their overall characters, very easy to care about. I like that the author didn't reveal every detail about their situations right away, it gave the story a sense of mystery.

This book was truly bittersweet, with all the talk of tragedies, and the unknown, and the question of whether or not Colin and Lucy's relationship would be able to continue on into the future, considering all the issues that they had to face together. No spoilers here, but I have to say that I think the ending was perfect!

Overall I enjoyed this book, though there were some issues. While the romance was sweet, the writing style and pacing cost the book a few stars. However, the whole concept of the book was intriguing and I am glad that I read it!

I recommend this book to young adult readers who like stories about ghosts. If you're into paranormal romance, you may enjoy this.

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